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A Professor Goes to Jail

By Bill Crain In January, I spent eight days in the Sussex County, New Jersey, jail. I served the time as punishment for my acts of civil disobedience at the state’s black bear hunts. My jail stay was much shorter

Rooster’s crow signals vibrant affirmation

Bill Crain for the Poughkeepsie Journal Note: this article appeared in the Poughkeepsie Journal on July 7, 2016. All photos are courtesy of Ellen Crain. You can link directly to the article. People often ask if our farm sanctuary can

Why we protest the black bear hunts

Safe Haven founder Bill Crain has written a letter to the editor published on  on December 16, 2016 called Opinion: Why we protest the black bear hunts. Here is the link:

Other Spaghetti Sauce

By Safe Haven Volunteer Deborah Schwartz My mom made the best spaghetti sauce; no other spaghetti sauce even came close to hers. Imagine my surprise when I learned that other people thought their own mom’s spaghetti sauce was the best!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Musings on James James McWilliams’ book “The Modern Savage” By Safe Haven Volunteer Deborah Schwartz Knowing I am vegan, many of my acquaintances talk about food they have made or purchased with some version of: “This is organic, free-range, local,

Taking Not Giving

By Safe Haven Volunteer Deborah Schwartz As a new volunteer at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, I enjoy getting to know the animals. I am especially taken with the goats, who are always lively and friendly and remind me of many