Wish List1

We here at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary are ambitious folk. We’re constantly working on new projects that help not only animals, but also the land and our community.  It is often the case that our scope exceeds our wallets, so we’re calling on you to lend a helping hand so that we can realize a truly sustainable and ethical future.

Below we have our wishlist of projects that are only limited by lack of funding. We appreciate any assistance you can lend, be it a monetary donation or a donation of the actual object. Feel free to browse this page to learn more about our projects and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


oooolatube1A great way to reduce our usage of electricity is to install “Solatube” solar skylights in our barns.  These highly reflective skylight tubes reflect sunlight into even the darkest corner of a barn.  Every additional “solatube” further replaces the need for traditional electric light bulbs.  Decreased electricity usage, calming daylight in once-dark areas, what could be better!

Help us bring the sunlight into our barns!


rain-barrels-01Our new barn will be able to harvest the rainwater collected on its roof and store it for later use, reducing storm-water runoff and providing an alternative to depleting our precious aquifers.  The rainwater will be stored in non-leaching storage barrels that are yet to be purchased.

Help us practice responsible water use and re-use! e

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pears-1Safe Haven strives to lower our carbon footprint through diverse strategies.  One of these strategies is to produce a large portion of our own food.  Our permaculture garden is really picking up speed and providing us with delicious vegetables.  We hope to continue to diversify our garden with the incorporation of fruit trees.

Help put a locally grown apple in our mini-horse, Cory’s, mouth and a peach in our vegan peach cobbler!