Building Enclosures


Our brave boy, Bogie.

One of our roosters was almost killed by a predator. Our brave Bogie was snatched by a hawk from his outdoor area.

All the caretakers rushed to the front of the barn when they heard his squawking, but only a pile of feathers was left behind. A thorough search was made, but no Bogey was found. The rest of the Safe Haven animals were put in the barns after which, with heavy hearts, caretakers headed home for the night. Imagine our amazement and relief when we found Bogie in front of the barn doors the next morning!

Action was needed, and quickly, to prevent this from happening again. While most of the aviaries are covered, we needed to protect our small animals from airborne predators. We enclosed two more outdoors areas for our rescued rabbits and chickens. This was an unexpected cost of $4,000.

We appreciate any support you can give to help us protect the Safe Haven family.


Building Enclosures
Building Enclosures
Please feel free to donate any amount to keep our animals safe from predators. All donations from this page will go towards the $4,000 construction bill for building enclosures. We kindly ask for a minimum of $5.00. Thank you so much for your help.