Help Angel, the sheep

Dear Friends,

We need your help! Angel, one of the first sheep Safe Haven rescued back in 2008, broke her leg after slipping on some ice. After our local vet did an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis, we drove Angel and her companion, Missy, three hours through an ice storm to Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University, the closest facility with the expertise to treat her.

One week and two surgeries later, Angel and her friend are back at home and doing well, but we have been left scrambling to pay the $8000 vet bill!

Compassionate supporters like you have always been essential to Safe Haven’s mission: to provide top-notch care to the animals who would be otherwise forgotten. If you choose to support Angel, your generous gift will help us close the gap between our routine expenses and this medical emergency.

Thank you for being a part of Angel’s recovery team!

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Our caretaker, Joy, giving Angel some TLC before she leaves for her x-ray.


Our brave girl Angel arriving at Tufts.



Angel recovering after surgery.