New Lambs at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary


Silky and Satin

Meet our newest additions... Silky (left) and Satin (right)!

The two lambs were born on February 7, 2016 on a production farm and they were destined to be breeder sheep or sold for meat. Their mom was a bit too vigorous in her attempts to get them to stand. As a result, both lambs sustained broken legs. The vet offered to take them home and care for them while their legs healed. We received a call from the vet asking if we would be able to adopt them.

We are so pleased to have these two cuties as part of our farm family!

You can now adopt one or both of these new additions.

Welcome to Amos, Our New Rooster



Amos was rescued by a compassionate person in a nearby town. The little rooster had a deformed leg and was being chased and pecked by 4 other roosters who lived in the yard. The little rooster would run under the man’s deck where, if he was lucky, he would be able to eat some cat food and would only come out of his hiding place at night.

We are happy to welcome Amos to Safe Haven, where he has already made friends with the other chickens.

Learn more about Amos on our page Our Animals>Chickens.

You can also adopt Amos.

New Section on Our Website: Learn More

Baby chicks ground up

Someone or Something?

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary is a place to learn. Visitors interact with our farmed animals and experience our animals as individuals worthy of respect: someones not somethings.

To further our learning mission, we are adding a new area to this site, Learn more. It presents facts and pictures to increase awareness of the the daily choices humans make at each meal that make a difference in the lives of farmed animals.

Our first entry to Learn more is an overview of the fates of many species of farmed animals (Someone or Something). We added more detailed information about the treatment of cattlechickens and pigs bred and raised for human consumption in the Learn more area. We plan on adding other animal species to this section, so check back often.