Rooster’s crow signals vibrant affirmation

Roosters can be very protective of their hens. (Photo: Ellen Crain/ Courtesy photo)

Roosters can be very protective of their hens. (Photo: Ellen Crain/ Courtesy photo)

Safe Haven co-founder, Bill Crain, wrote an interesting article about roosters for the Poughkeepsie Journal.

In the article, he describes that although roosters can have an aggressive streak, they are often protective and chivalrous in protecting their hens. Many towns have zoning laws against keeping roosters because of their crowing, but this can also be understood as an affirmation of life.

You can see his article as a blog post on this site or you can link to it directly in the online version of the Poughkeepsie Journal.

New Video: Spring and Early Summer at the Farm


Spring and summer 2016 brought many new, rescued animals to Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary: lambs, turkeys and chickens. See the animal stories in this new video by Bill Crain.

The background music is perfect and there are many scenes showing the beautiful peacefulness at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary.

Watch the 4:49 minute video at Videos>>About Safe Haven

New Section on Our Website: Learn More

Dairy cows

Someone or something?

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary is a place to learn. Visitors interact with our farmed animals and experience our animals as individuals worthy of respect: someones not somethings.

To further our learning mission, we are adding a new area to this site, Learn more. It presents facts and pictures to increase awareness of the the daily choices humans make at each meal that make a difference in the lives of farmed animals.

Our first entry to Learn more is an overview of the fates of many species of farmed animals (Someone or Something). We added more detailed information about the treatment of cattle, cowschickens and pigs bred and raised for human consumption in the Learn more area. We plan on adding other animal species to this section, so check back often.