About Goats

Goats are friendly and affectionate animals. They make life-time friendships and are very family-oriented. They enjoy spending time with other goats, but will also approach human visitors in a curious and friendly fashion.

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Astro came to us at the age of 3 with his friend, Violet.  His family bought him as a baby but were moving out of state and had no room for their  goats.   We welcomed Astro to Safe Haven where he will live happily and peacefully for the rest of his life.  He is a shy little boy but he loves to play with the bigger goats, and he is starting to enjoy petting and brushing by humans.



Basil is a Boer goat, a breed raised for meat. This precious girl was rescued from a live meat market in the Bronx. Basil was very leery of human contact when she first arrived at the farm. With lots of loving care at the sanctuary, she has learned to trust the humans who love and adore her.

Baelfire & Firefly

Baelfire and Firefly were born on a nearby farm and raised as 4H projects by 2 children.  When it was time to send them to slaughter, the children objected so they were moved to a farm where they lived outside in a small pen with little shelter for 2 years.  They only had human contact once a day at feeding time.  Safe Haven was contacted when the family no longer wanted them and couldn’t find anyone willing to care for them.  We welcomed them to the sanctuary in November of 2019.  Despite having little human or goat contact in their 2 years of life, they are very friendly.  Baelfire and Firefly are lively and energetic and love climbing hills and playing on the goat jungle gym in one of our paddocks.  At Safe Haven, they will never be lonely or neglected again.


Bessie was rescued from a backyard in Coney Island, NY along with her son Milo. They are dairy goats who were being kept illegally and facing slaughter. Typically, male kids are slaughtered since they can’t produce milk and are an expense to keep. Bessie and Milo were seized by NYC Animal Control, and Safe Haven welcomed them with open arms. Bessie is sweet and gentle in nature and a great mom. She is always within close proximity of her boy when he explores the pasture,and to this day they take an afternoon nap together and snuggle up at night to sleep.


Boomer was born here at Safe Haven. He looks very much like his mom, Matilda. He has long ears and a white streak down his face. His mom was pregnant when she was rescued from a live market in the Bronx where she and Boomer would have been destined for slaughter.

At our sanctuary, Boomer enjoys his days exploring the pasture with his mother living the free and happy life he deserves.


Cesar was found as a baby goat wandering the streets of the Bronx. He was rescued by two compassionate NYC police officers. Covered with candle wax, he most likely escaped a sacrificial ritual. Sick and thin when he arrived, Cesar has grown into a handsome, inquisitive little goat. 

He spends his days exploring the farm. He is very friendly and eager to welcome you to Safe Haven.


Duncan is a pygmy goat who was transferred to Safe Haven along with Isadora after their daring escape from a truck in the Bronx. They were found at the intersection of the Hutchinson River Parkway and I-95 South. Duncan is very outgoing and spunky. He happily spends his days exploring the pastures with his friend Isadora. These two goats have a special bond and are always within close proximity of each other.

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Lilah lived with Nellie in an illegal backyard goat farm in a nearby town and despite being no more than 2 years old, she had already been pregnant more than once.  She was very thin and had parasites and hooves that hadn’t been trimmed in a long time.  Lilah was shy when she first arrived, but with loving care from her human caretakers, she quickly warmed up and looked forward to human attention. 

The vet and hoof trimmer came to Safe Haven soon after this sweet goat and her friend Nellie arrived to provide the proper attention to their health needs. With good food, excellent care, and a warm bed to snuggle in during the winter months, Lilah will never have another worry for the rest of her life. 


Matilda is one of the first animals to join our farm sanctuary back in 2008.  She is a Boer goat and was rescued from a live meat market in the Bronx, where she had been kept in a crowded pen awaiting slaughter. She was very sick upon her arrival at the farm, infested with parasites, and had contracted a viral illness.

We later found out that she had been impregnated while on the way to slaughter, so her unborn baby would have been killed along with her if she had been chosen by a customer. Even after arriving safely at the farm, it took her awhile to trust people. After evaluation and treatment by the vet, she received gentle loving care by the Safe Haven caretakers and delicious, healthy food for the first time.  She gave birth to her son Boomer just a few months later.  At Safe Haven, Matilda and her son are surrounded by love and continue to live the free and happy lives they deserve.  With lots of gentle care, Mattie gradually lost her fear of humans.


Milo was rescued from a backyard in Coney Island, NY along with his mother Bessie. They are dairy goats who were being kept illegally and facing slaughter. Typically, male kids are slaughtered since they can’t produce milk and are an expense to keep. Bessie and Milo were seized by NYC Animal Control, and Safe Haven welcomed them with open arms. Milo is a playful and inquisitive goat who loves attention from humans.



Nellie is a sweet Nubian goat with long floppy ears and a soft mouth who loves to nuzzle you and nibble at your pockets hoping for a piece of apple or some goat treats.  She was rescued at the last minute from an illegal small goat farm in a neighboring town after having her babies taken away from her one after the other and sold for meat. 

She was facing a cold winter with little protection from the elements and had no hay or water nearby.  We were thrilled to be able to offer her a lifelong home with attention to her medical problems and the promise of a cozy warm place to sleep in the winter and lots of green grass and sunny pastures in the summer.