Sponsor a Safe Haven Animal

If you would like to help support one of our precious farm animals or give a unique gift to the animal lover in your life, consider Sponsorship!

Monthly      One-Time/Year     

Sponsoring an animal is a wonderful way to help us provide each of our residents with the best possible care we can deliver. Help us to continue our mission to provide lifelong loving care for rescued farm animals. Each donation goes directly to cover the costs for the rescued animal’s food, shelter and care.

You will receive a certificate that includes a photo of your sponsored animal and their inspiring story! The certificate is customizable for gift giving purposes! Sponsorship certificates show your respect and compassion for farmed animals everywhere. Sponsors also will have the opportunity to schedule a visit with their animal with extra time to explore the sanctuary.

You have the option to sponsor monthly or one-time/year.   Every sponsorship is greatly appreciated. Please note that by choosing the monthly option, you’re providing an ongoing source of support for the animal.

If you know which one of our farm family members you would like to sponsor, proceed by clicking one of the options below:

Monthly      One-Time/Year    

If you are not sure which farm friend you’d like to sponsor, use the links below to read our animals’ inspiring stories.

Bunnies   Chickens   Cows   Donkeys   Ducks

Goats    Horses   Pigs    Sheep    Turkeys


On behalf of our entire farm family, we want to say “Thank you”. 

Compassionate supporters like you have always been essential to Safe Haven’s mission to provide top notch care to farmed animals who would be otherwise forgotten.