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About Turkeys

Turkeys are intelligent animals who can recognize hundreds of other turkeys. When you pet a turkey, you will be surprised at how soft they are and many even enjoy a good hug.  They are individuals and each has their own distinct personality.  They like to stick together and explore the fields at Safe Haven. Tragically, each Thanksgiving, 46 million turkeys are slaughtered for holiday feasts.  Most have lived a miserable life of inhumane conditions in crowded, filthy sheds with no windows for 3-4 months before being slaughtered.



Bella is a beautiful commercial turkey who was found outside someone’s home not far from our sanctuary.  Fearful that coyotes or dogs would kill the turkey, the compassionate man took Bella to his mother’s farm and put her in an unused chicken coop.  The mother felt she couldn’t care for Bella and wanted to find a suitable forever home for her.  We eagerly welcomed this beauty to our family in the fall of 2020.  Despite being bigger than any of our other turkeys, Bella is a gentle soul and endearing soul.  She is also self-assured and loves peanut butter!

Dolly, Waylon and Jennings

These three spunky turkeys found a safe place to land at our sanctuary in December 2023. They were living outdoors in cramped conditions with little protection from the elements. They were going to be sent to slaughter but the folks that owned them had mixed feelings and opted for the compassionate choice to find them a lifelong home.

Dolly has now joined our flock of lady turkeys, and Waylon and Jennings will be moved into their own turkey house.


In April of 2020, Izzy was rescued as a baby from a farm raising him as a meat bird.  A year later, he had grown considerably.  The couple that rescued Izzy adored him but, because of Izzy’s increase in size, they became concerned for the safety of the rest of their feathered family of hens and ducks.  They decided to find a suitable home where he would be loved and respected and continue to live a happy life.  

Izzy joined the Safe Haven family in April 2021 and is enjoying life at the sanctuary. He is a combination of the Heritage Narragansett and Midget white turkeys. Izzy is spunky and quite the proud and handsome fella who loves to strut his stuff. 


This cutie was a back yard turkey in Connecticut. She was having a challenging time with the flock of chickens she lived with who wouldn’t let her eat. They also picked on her constantly so the owners wanted to find her a place where she could relax and live in peace. We welcomed her to our family in the Summer of 2023 and she is enjoying life with her fellow turkeys. Penelope is very spunky and friendly and runs up to her human friends as soon as she sees them!


Lizzie & Rachel

These two lovely turkeys were found wandering in the woods near a factory farm in the fall of 2019.  They were rescued by a compassionate individual who gave them food and water and kept them warm and safe until they could find them a forever home. 

They are now living a free and happy life at Safe Haven and enjoy their days exploring with their fellow turkey friends.

Lizzie (top photo) is polite, confident, and protective of her fellow turkeys.  Rachel (bottom photo) is quite determined and she knows what she wants! She is also known for her adventurous ways!

Miles & Rhodes

These two male turkeys were living with a vegan lady from upstate New York who has a few animals as part of her family. While on vacation, her house sitter didn’t collect all the turkey eggs. As a result, two toms were hatched in May of 2023. Unfortunately, Miles (black) and Rhodes (brown) started fighting with the lady’s older male turkey and she did not have the means to keep all of her turkey residents safe and separated.

She reached out to us stating “nothing would make me happier than them going to an actual sanctuary”.  Safe Haven to the rescue! We welcomed the two heritage breed turkeys in late March 2024. They are both cordial fellows and now live happily with Izzy, the heritage breed male who has been residing here since 2021.


Sophie and her friend Jenny were rescued from a live market in NYC in November of 2020. The workers at the market gave her to activists who were bearing witness at their market. The rescuers contacted our sanctuary and we were happy to welcome the precious babies to our family.

The vet came the following morning to do a complete exam. They were very young and small and faced some health challenges. Sophie is thriving and enjoying life at the sanctuary. She is adaptive and “like a sponge” and seems to pick up the best attributes from each of her turkey friends!  She also displays a comforting nature to her turkey family. Her friend Jenny suffered from a joint infection which caused her to have difficulty standing her entire life. She was brave and resilient and passed away in September of 2023.