About Pigs

Pigs are smart and are often the subject of movies and books, such as Charlotte’s Web and Babe. As a result, children love pigs and most adults know that pigs are more intelligent than dogs. Less known is the emotional and social lives of these gentle creatures. They love to be with other piglets and show distress when separated from their friends. They have been known to recognize up to 30 other pigs and they greet each other affectionately.

Pigs can be quickly taught simple voice commands and even to fetch objects – and they remember the commands for over three years. Contrary to their reputation, pigs are extremely clean and they like cuddles from people. They roll in the mud to keep their sensitive skin from getting sunburned. Pigs naturally root in the ground and love to explore and play.

It is appalling to see pictures and videos of pigs at factory farms, where they are kept in cages so small that they can not even turn around. Mother pigs are forced to feed their piglets through iron bars. They grow up without stimulation and are then sent to slaughter.


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Gracie Mae

Gracie Mae arrived at Safe Haven in July of 2018 and quickly became the sweetheart of the farm. A loving woman adopted this sweet potbelly pig at eight weeks old and they were best friends for 2 years. Sadly, due to a health crisis in the family, the woman was in dire need of finding her precious Gracie a new home.

She notified Safe Haven of her urgent situation and we opened our arms and our hearts to Gracie giving some peace of mind to her adopted mother.


Harry is a mini potbelly pig who was abandoned at Safe Haven one night by his humans. He was initially shy but quickly came out of his shell in response to the love and attention from our staff. He has made himself at home and now enjoys life on the farm.  He especially loves to eat grass, take mud baths, and hang out with his chicken friends. 

He is quite a vocal boy and we are happy to report Harry displays an abundance of tail wagging.

Leo Tolstoy

Leo was born on January 5, 2015.  He is a spunky mini potbelly pig who was purchased as a family pet and lived in an apartment Queens. He suffered from separation anxiety when his people left to go to work.  His squealing disturbed the neighbors, and due to their complaints, his family had to find him a new home.

At Safe Haven, he is able to live the life of a pig, rooting in the dirt and grass, exploring the pasture and getting lots of belly rubs.  He is incredibly smart, friendly and full of personality. His enthusiasm for life is contagious.

Want to learn more about Leo? Bill Crain (Safe Haven co-founder) and Joy Gomez  (head caretaker) explain his changing life at Safe Haven in a series of post cards. Click here to view.


Otis is a sweet mini potbelly pig who started his life as a pet in the Bronx.  He was abandoned by his owner who fell on hard times.  He lived in a cramped crate under a deck for several months.  He is a bit shy around newcomers but eventually warms up once he gets to know you. At Safe Haven, he enjoys exploring the pasture with his friend Leo and loves getting belly rubs from our staff.