Spring & Summer 2017

July 1 Open House

Spring at Safe Haven

  • Harry: our newest resident
    Harry: our newest resident
    Harry was a bit timid when he first arrived, but as he became more comfortable, his tail just kept wagging more and more.
  • Villette and Bill Crain
    Villette and Bill Crain
    Co-founder Bill Crain and sweet lamb Villette just chillin' on the back porch.
  • Goats in pasture
    Goats in pasture
    A little rest and relaxation for goats Astro, Bessie, Boomer, and Cesar.
  • Calvin the turkey
    Calvin the turkey
    Calvin's technique for eating his meals is quite effective.
  • Leo and friends in the pasture
    Leo and friends in the pasture
    Happiness is a pig, two chickens and a bunch of goats.
  • Missy the sheep
    Missy the sheep
    Missy and all of her sheep friends had a visit from the shearer and are ready for warm weather.