About Tours

Important Update Regarding Tours

Safe Haven is offering tours for small groups and still conforming to strict guidelines.  You will park in our visitors’ parking area  (second driveway on the right) where our co-founders Bill or Ellen Crain will greet you.  With one of them as your guide, you will view our farm family members in their various pastures, and we will share their inspiring stories with you.

Note that you must call to make a reservation at least one day in advance since we can have only one group at a time.  There is a limit on the number of people allowed per tour and face masks are required.  The tour will be outdoors only, weather permitting, so please note the forecast when you make your reservation.  Reservations can only be made by calling Ellen or Bill Crain at 845 724-5138; we are not accepting online reservations at this time.  A minimum donation of $15.00 per adult in the group is requested.


Safe Haven tours help visitors learn about farmed animals in a fun and personal way.

Visitors can learn about the treatment of factory farmed animals so they can make informed decisions about their personal food choices if desired.

The tours are leisurely so visitors have time for questions and to get to know our animals. Tours take about an hour with additional time for questions and discussion at the end.



Do I need to reserve a spot ahead of time?

Yes, please call (845) 724-5138 to make a reservation for one of our tours so we can ensure an enjoyable experience for all. 

Is there parking available on site?

For parking, drive past the Safe Haven sign and the first driveway and turn right at the second driveway. 

What is the recommended attire for the tour?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, appropriate for the weather on the day you visit. Most of the tour is outdoors and you will be walking and standing for about an hour. Sturdy shoes and clothing you can wash after your visit is recommended.  Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary is a farm.  There may be some muddy areas.  Some of our friendly animals like to come close to visitors.

Can I bring food?

There is a picnic table where you can have food after your tour.

Please respect our animals by bringing only vegan, plant-based food (no milk, eggs, cheese, or meat). Please do not feed the animals with outside food; some are on special diets.  We will try to have treats that you can safely give the animals who are allowed treats.  

What is Safe Haven’s policy on companion animals?

Much as we love all animals, please leave your own companion animals at home for the safety of everyone who lives at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary. This includes service animals.

Some of our animals have had traumatic experiences in the past and we would like to keep Safe Haven a peaceful and safe place for everyone.

What is the tour cancellation policy?

We reserve the right to cancel scheduled tours for any reason and will do our best to contact you if this happens. Inclement weather or other issues may require us to cancel a tour.

If you need to cancel your booking/reservation, please call us at (845) 724-5138 or email us at safehavenfarmsanctuary@gmail.com

Are tours appropriate for children?

Children love to get close to our animals. There seems to be a special emotional bond between children and farmed animals.

We ask parents to watch their children closely to avoid injury to others (both human and non-human).

While there are not graphic photos of factory farmed animals or slaughter houses on our facility, we often talk about where the food on a dinner plate comes from. For example, pigs are often killed to become bacon or pork.  Turkeys are killed in great numbers, especially at Thanksgiving.

What if I have special needs?

Please call us ahead of your tour if you or anyone in your party faces unique physical, emotional or intellectual challenges at (845) 724-5138.

We try to be accommodating, but sometimes we do not have the resources to ensure a safe visit for everyone. Please call to discuss your needs.

May I touch the animals?

Many of our animals are friendly and curious. They will approach visitors and appreciate a gentle scratch or pat. Other animals are naturally shy or have experienced bad behaviors from humans in the past. We ask that you respect each animal’s preferences.

Sometimes, it is helpful to squat down so you look into an animals eyes and appear closer to his or her size. It may be easier for an animal to be friendly when he or she can see more of you than your feet and legs.

Can I just drop by any time for a tour?

We are unable to respond to drop-in visits. Please call us at (845) 724-5138 with at least 24 hour notice.

Can I wander around freely during the tour?

For your safety and the safety of our animals, we expect all visitors to stay with their tour guide throughout the tour. There will be plenty of time for visitors to interact with our animals and to ask questions.

Do you provide custom tours in addition to the regular, scheduled tours

With enough advance notice, we often can make arrangements for tours of groups of at least four (4). Please call us at (845) 724-5138 to discuss your requirements.