Amazon Wishlist

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary now has an Amazon Wishlist!

Our team of animal caregivers works hard throughout the year to care for our farm family which consists of over 100 rescued animals.

Now you can help us care for our precious rescued animals by donating much needed items:

  • Fly spray to keep the flies away during the warm months.
  • Mist fans to keep the animals cool in the summer.
  • Brushes for grooming the animals.
  • Enrichment toys and scratch pads for the pigs and goats.
  • A tank deicer for our duck ponds and outdoor water trough.
  • Shovels and rakes to help us clean the barns, coops and aviaries.
  • A variety of tasty treats.
  • Vet wrap and gauze for wound care.
  • Heated water buckets and heat lamps for the cold weather months.
  • Gift cards for Tractor Supply and Staples to help us with miscellaneous items as needed.

We are grateful for compassionate supporters like you who are essential to Safe Haven’s mission to provide home, health and happiness to farm animals who would otherwise be forgotten.

Big thanks from our farm family! We cannot do it without you!