Chewy & Amazon Wish Lists

Why is this such a great way to help?

You can donate much needed items directly to Safe Haven via our Chewy and Amazon Wishlists making it easier than ever to help our rescued residents and caretakers.

Our team of animal caregivers work hard throughout the year to care for our farm family.  Over 150 rescued animals now call Safe Haven home!  Donating from our Wishlists is a simple and quick way to help support our sanctuary.

Here are just a few examples of the variety of items you might find on our Wishlists:

  • A variety of nutritious food and treats.
  • A health supplement we use to make special (secretly healthy) delicious treats!
  • Edible houses to keep the bunnies happy and stimulated.
  • Fly spray to protect the horses and donkeys.
  • Vet wrap and gauze for wound care.
  • Rakes and garden bags help staff with daily cleaning chores.
  • Enrichment toys to keep the animals from getting bored.

Choose Chewy or Amazon below to make your donation.  We deeply appreciate your compassion and generosity.  Because of you, we can continue our mission to provide a better future for farmed animals who would otherwise be forgotten.