About Horses

Most of us love horses. We have grown up with stories about horses, such as Black Beauty, Misty of ChincoteagueMy Friend Flicka, and The Black Stallion. We marvel at wild horses, show mounts, and even working horses. However, each year, approximately 100,000 horses are sent to Canada or Mexico to be brutally slaughtered. Like other animals sent to slaughter, horses are shipped without food or water in crowded trucks, on a trip that often lasts more than 24 hours.

Once at the slaughter house, the skittish nature of horses makes the time just before slaughter all the more difficult. Horses are often subject to repeated blows and sometimes remain conscious during dismemberment. The USDA has documented rampant cruelty and severe injuries to horses in the slaughter pipeline. This is despite the fact that over 90% of horses sent to slaughter are in good condition and would be able to live productive lives.

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Chance was found in a crowded holding pen near a Pennsylvania auction house, two days before he was to be packed on a truck headed to Canada for slaughter. His big, brown soulful eyes caught the eye of a compassionate person who made it her mission to save him and get him to a sanctuary. 

We eagerly welcomed Chance to our family in the Summer of 2015.  When he arrived, his ribs were showing, his coat was dull and dirty, and his long tail so laden with burrs that he couldn’t even swish the flies away. With lots of love, nutrition, and vet care, Chance has learned to trust people and enjoy life as he never could before. 


About Miniature Horses

Miniature horses are found all over the world; they usually range from 34 to 38 inches tall at the withers and include several breeds. They are too small to be ridden and were often used to pull carts, most notably in the coal mines of Wales. Many of these hardworking little horses were blind from spending their whole lives in the dark mines and never seeing the light of day.


Cory came to our sanctuary in 2009.  She lived the first 18 years of her life with one family in New Hampshire. As the years went by, and the children grew, the family acquired several large horses, and Cory was no longer getting much attention. Cory’s loneliness led to compulsive rubbing and overeating. 

Her family heard about Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary and we were happy to welcome this precious little horse into our family.  When Chance joined our family, he and Cory quickly became close friends. They enjoy spending their days exploring the pasture together.