You are our partners in saving lives!

Your donations allow us to continue to rescue farm animals in need and maintain our high standards of care. Every donation, whether one-time or monthly, is very important and greatly appreciated.

Become a Champion for Animals

We recently received Verified status from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (click here to read the announcement) and want to celebrate by launching a new monthly giving program. This is your opportunity to become a Safe Haven Champion! Monthly donations are the most powerful way to make an impact for farm animals in need. Your recurring gift allows us to continue to say “yes” to farm animals in dire situations who need immediate and costly medical attention.

We want to say “Thank You”!

To thank you for your ongoing support, all recurring monthly donors will receive a Safe Haven “I am a Champion for Animals” decal (photo below) so you can show your pride in being our partner in rescuing animals and saving lives. In addition, you will receive the following as a token of appreciation, depending on your level of support.

Silver Champion Level / $20 and above monthly: Safe Haven Bookmark, extended private tour of the sanctuary

Gold Champion Level / $50 and above monthly: Safe Haven Bookmark, Safe Haven Tote Bag, extended private tour of the sanctuary

Platinum Champion Level / $100 and above monthly: Safe Haven bookmark, Safe Haven Tote Bag, Safe Haven T-Shirt, Extended private tour of the sanctuary

Click the donate button and make a one-time donation or Become a Champion for Animals by making a monthly donation.

Join us in our efforts to provide a better future for farm animals.

How does your gift help?

Here are just a few examples of how your gift supports our farm family:

  • $20 provides organic grain and fresh vegetables for 70 chickens, 5 turkeys, and 3 bunnies for 3 days.
  • $50 provides fresh clean bedding for pigs, sheep, goats and horses for 2 days.
  • $100 provides daily medication for our two rescue horses for 30 days.

Most of our farm animals come from a history of neglect and abuse. They were nameless and treated like products. Once our rescued animals arrive at Safe Haven, they experience love for the first time. Your support and compassion makes a difference and enables us to provide exceptional care to animals who would otherwise be forgotten.

We cannot do it without you!