Giving Tuesday

Support Safe Haven on Giving Tuesday

This December 3 is Giving Tuesday, a widely recognized international day of giving. #GivingTuesday is a movement that encourages people around the world to give to the charities and organizations they love. The date is always the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In the same way that Black Friday is focused on materialism and shopping, Giving Tuesday is about giving back to the organizations who fight every day of every year for the causes we care about.  We hope you’ll mark your calendar and support Safe Haven this Giving Tuesday so we can build a better future for farm animals together. 

Ways to Help Us Help Animals

There are several ways you can help us continue our mission!

  • Donate to Safe Haven’s Facebook Fundraiser: Safe Haven will have our own Facebook fundraiser on #GivingTuesday. On December 3, click here to submit a gift in support of our farm sanctuary.
  • Create a FundraiserDid you know that you can create your own fundraiser for your favorite non-profit on Facebook? Click here to set up a Giving Tuesday fundraiser for Safe Haven on December 3.  You will see the “Create a fundraiser for a nonprofit now and this #GivingTuesday” option.  Click the “Select Nonprofit” button, search for Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary and follow the simple steps! 

If you are not on social media or if Facebook “isn’t your thing”, there are several other ways you can show your support today for Safe Haven and our mission:

Why Give? You’re Making a Difference!

Donations big and small are the life source for nonprofits. Whether you’re a large company looking to match donations or a single person only able to give just a few dollars, Giving Tuesday is a unique opportunity to show your favorite organizations that you have their back, and that you appreciate their work.

For Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, every donation makes a difference. Each contribution made to Safe Haven gives power to our cause and shows us that we are not alone in our fight for farm animals. Donations to Safe Haven go towards fulfilling our mission: to rescue abused and neglected farmed animals, to restore them to health, and to provide them with a safe and loving forever home.

Rescuing and Transforming Lives Thanks to Your Help

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary has come a long way thanks to the support of our generous donors and advocates. Our progress proves that a few dollars from every person can produce powerful impacts. Since our founding in 2008, we have rescued hundreds of farm animals destined for slaughter and currently provide a lifelong, loving home for more than 100, many of whom need intensive medical treatment to help restore them to good health.

We have attracted over 3,500 Facebook friends and over 11,000 Instagram followers, hosted several local events, including an annual thanksgiving party for the turkeys.  We recently moved to a 52 acre location so that we can rescue more animals from abuse and slaughter. None of our animal rescues, accomplishments or growth would have been possible without your support. It is not just large donors who grant us the power to grow and improve the lives of these animals, but also the small recurring donations, the dollars sent our way on social media, the birthday fundraisers and the pledges for recurring

There Is Still Work To Do and More Lives to Rescue

Our accomplishments are still overshadowed by the tremendous number of animals who remain suffering on factory farms, and by the millions of people who remain unaware of the inhuman treatment and suffering of farm animals. There is a long road ahead. However, if you believe in our mission and are committed to helping the animals, we can build a better future for farm animals together. 

Big Thanks for All of Your Support! We cannot do it without you!