Giving Tuesday

Join Safe Haven on Giving Tuesday

This sweet sheep family wants you to know that November 29 is Giving Tuesday, when people around the world are encouraged to give to the charities and organizations they love. Amidst the materialism of the holiday season and the focus on shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to focus on giving back and making a difference in the lives of others. We know you believe in our mission and are committed to helping animals. We hope you will join us on this international day of giving. Together, we can build a better future for farmed animals. 

Samantha, Jeremy and Jillian are perfect examples of how your gift makes an impact for farmed animals in need. This precious family has been living a happy life surrounded by an abundance of love and care at Safe Haven for 10 years! They had a harsh and difficult start in life. These three sheep came from an abusive farming situation in Western New York and were near starvation. They survived the worst treatment their rescuers had ever seen.

When Samantha, her son Jeremy and her adoptive daughter Jillian first arrived at our sanctuary in 2012, they were understandably very fearful of humans. We gained their trust with kindness and a gentle touch. This trio is deeply bonded and enjoys exploring the pastures together during the day and snuggling securely in their barn at night.

It is our mission to provide lifelong homes for rescued farmed animals where they can live in peace and be free of exploitation.

How can you participate this Giving Tuesday? It’s easy!

If you prefer using the social media route, here are a couple of ways you can show your support via Facebook.

  • Donate to Safe Haven’s Facebook Fundraiser:  Safe Haven’s Giving Tuesday fundraiser will go live on November 29 and will be available on that day when you click here. Meta announced a new way of matching donations this giving season that helps donors provide long-term support for the causes they care about. When you sign up to donate monthly to a nonprofit on Facebook (deadline is December 31), Meta will match donations up to $100. The match will occur once you make your second monthly donation. Meta will match up to $100,000 per nonprofit and up to $7 million in total across all organizations. This is an impactful way you can provide ongoing support for farmed animals in need.
  • Create a Fundraiser:  Did you know that you can create your own Giving Tuesday fundraiser for Safe Haven on Facebook? Just click here and follow a few simple steps.

You can also make a powerful impact for rescued farm animals by considering the tax free benefits of gifting stock or a qualified charitable distribution.

Gifting Stock: Donating appreciated stock is an easy and economical way to give more to a cause you care about.  By donating stock directly to Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, you could be eligible to take a federal income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the shares, and therefore avoid paying capital gains taxes.  This allows you to make a more significant gift that will have an even greater impact on our rescued farm animals.

Qualified Charitable Distribution: Another way to save on your taxes while making a powerful impact on rescued farm animals is to make a tax-free gift from your IRA to Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary. If you are age 70 ½  or older and have a traditional individual retirement account (IRA), you may make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly from your IRA to a qualified charity. A QCD can total up to $100,000 per year and can be used to satisfy your required minimum distribution. There is no income tax on the funds leaving your IRA and being gifted to the charity.  

You can contact your financial advisor to learn more or contact Ellen Wu ( / 212-713-3792) for further assistance.

Why Give? You’re Making a Difference!

Donations big and small are the life source for nonprofits. Whether you’re a large company looking to match donations or a single person only able to give just a few dollars, Giving Tuesday is a unique opportunity to show your favorite organizations that you have their back, and that you appreciate their work.

For Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, every donation makes a difference. Each contribution made to Safe Haven gives power to our cause and shows us that we are not alone in our fight for farm animals. Donations to Safe Haven go towards fulfilling our mission: to rescue abused and neglected farmed animals, to restore them to health, and to provide them with a safe and loving forever home.

Rescuing and Transforming Lives Thanks to Your Help

Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary has come a long way thanks to the support of our generous donors and advocates. Our progress proves that a few dollars from every person can produce powerful impacts. Since our founding in 2008, we have rescued hundreds of farm animals destined for slaughter and currently provide a lifelong, loving home for more than 150, many of whom need intensive medical treatment to help restore them to good health.

We have attracted nearly 10,000 Facebook friends and over 12,000 Instagram followers, hosted several local events, including an annual thanksgiving celebration for the turkeys.  In November of 2019, we moved to a 52 acre location so that we can rescue more animals from abuse and slaughter. None of our animal rescues, accomplishments, or growth would have been possible without your support. It is not just large donors who grant us the power to grow and improve the lives of these animals, but also the small recurring donations, the dollars sent our way on social media, the birthday fundraisers, and the pledges for recurring donations.

There Is Still Work To Do and More Lives to Rescue

Our accomplishments are still overshadowed by the tremendous number of animals who remain suffering on factory farms, and by the millions of people who remain unaware of the inhuman treatment and suffering of farm animals. There is a long road ahead. Join us in our mission and together we can build a better future for farm animals. 

We cannot do it without you!

You continue to wrap your arms around our sanctuary family and we are filled with immense gratitude.

With deep appreciation,

Ellen and Bill Crain, Co-Founders